Product NameCAS NumberC.I. NumberC.I. NameProperty

Heat Resistance









Benzidine Yellow G 6358-85-6C.I. 21090Pigment Yellow 121804-53
Benzidine Yellow GR5102-83-0C.I. 21100Pigment Yellow 1318054-5
Permanent Yellow 2GS5468-75-7C.I. 21095Pigment Yellow 1418044-5
Permanent Yellow GG4531-49-1C.I. 21105Pigment Yellow 1718054
Fast Yellow 2RN6358-37-8C.I. 21096Pigment Yellow 5518055
Fast Yellow GRC12286-66-7C.I. 13940Pigment Yellow 622005-65
Benzidine Yellow 10G12236-72-5C.I. 21127Pigment Yellow 8120075
Permanent Yellow HR5567-15-7C.I. 21108Pigment Yellow 8318075
Pigment Yellow 1105590-18-1C.I. 56280Pigment Yellow 1102807-85
Pigment Yellow 13830125-47-4C.I. 56300Pigment Yellow 1382807-85
Pigment Yellow RNB4118-16-5C.I. 60645Pigment Yellow 1473007-84-5
Pigment Yellow 15068511-62-6C.I. 12764Pigment Yellow 1502807-85
Fast Yellow H4G 31837-42-0C.I. 13980Pigment Yellow 1512407-85
Benzimidazolone Yellow H3G68134-22-5C.I. 11781Pigment Yellow 1542007-85
Pigment Yellow 16871832-85-4C.I. 13960Pigment Yellow 16826075
Pigment Yellow HG77804-81-0C.I. 21290Pigment Yellow 1802807-85
Pigment Yellow 18365212-77-3C.I. 18792Pigment Yellow 1832807-85
Fast Yellow RP129423-54-7C.I. 18795Pigment Yellow 19128075
Fast Yellow 2RP154946-66-4C.I. 18795Pigment Yellow 191:128075
Pigment Yellow 19256279-27-7Pigment Yellow 1923007-85
Permanent Orange G3520-72-7C.I. 21110Pigment Orange 131605-64-5
Permanent Orange R6505-28-8C.I. 21160Pigment Orange 1618054
Permanent Orange RL15793-73-4C.I. 21115Pigment Orange 341606-74-5
Fast Orange HL12236-62-3C.I. 11780Pigment Orange 362407-84
Pigment Orange 64 GP72102-84-2C.I. 12760Pigment Orange 642807-84
Fast scarlet BBN7585-41-3 C.I. 15865:1Pigment Red 48:11805-64-5
Fast scarlet BBC7023-61-2C.I. 15865:2Pigment Red 48:218074-5
Fast scarlet 2BP7023-61-2C.I. 15865:2Pigment Red 48:220075
Fast scarlet 2BSP15782-05-5C.I. 15865:3Pigment Red 48:320064-5
Bronze Red Lake C5160-02-1C.I. 15585:1Pigment Red 53:115064-5
Lithol Rubine 4BP5281-04-9C.I. 15850:1Pigment Red 57:118064-5
Quinacridone Magenta 980-26-7C.I. 73915Pigment Red 12228085
Fast Red FBB5280-68-2C.I. 12485Pigment Red 14620055
Pigment Scarlet R3905-19-9C.I. 20730Pigment Red 1662407-85
Permanent Red F5RK2786-76-7C.I. 12475Pigment Red 1701807-84-5
Permanent Red F3RK2786-76-7C.I. 12475Pigment Red 1701807-84-5
Permanent Red F7RK36968-27-1Pigment Red 2661807-84-5
Fast Carmine HF3C12225-06-8C.I. 12515Pigment Red 17626075
Pigment Red HF4C61951-98-2C.I. 12516Pigment Red 18526065
Quindo Magenta 202 3089-17-6C.I. 73907Pigment Red 2022807-85
Pigment Red HF2B31778-10-6C.I. 12514Pigment Red 20828075
Pigment Red 254 203084632-65-5C.I. 56110Pigment Red 2542807-85
Phthalo Blue B147-14-8C.I. 74160Pigment Blue 152007-85
Phthalo Blue BS147-14-8C.I. 74160Pigment Blue 15:12207-85
Phthalo Blue BGS147-14-8C.I. 74160Pigment Blue 15:32007-85
Phthalo Green-P 1328-53-6C.I. 74260Pigment Green 72007-85
Quinacridone Violet1047-16-1C.I. 73900Pigment Violet 1930085
Fast Violet RL6358-30-1C.I. 51319Pigment Violet 232007-85
Fast Violet BL6358-30-1C.I. 51319Pigment Violet 232007-85
Pigment Brown 25 HFR1900-07-17C.I. 12510Pigment Brown 2520085
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C.I. NameClassificationCAS NumberC.I. NumberProperties

Heat Resistance

Light Fastness









Solvent Yellow 14Azo842-07-9C.I. 120552505-62-3
Solvent Yellow 16Azo4314-14-1C.I. 127002405-64-5
Solvent Yellow 43Quinoline19125-99-6C.I. 56193028074-5
Solvent Yellow 56Aminoketone2481-94-9C.I. 110212003-43-4
Solvent Yellow 72Azo61813-98-7C.I. 1274502604-53-4
Solvent Yellow 93Pyrazolone4702-90-3C.I. 481603007-84-5
Solvent Yellow 98Thiaxanthene27870-92-4C.I. 562383007-8
Solvent Yellow 114Quinoline7576-65-0C.I. 470202807-82-3
Solvent Yellow 145Pyrazolone27425-55-4C.I. 5512003006-74-5
Solvent Yellow 160:1Coumarin35773-43-4C.I. 551653007-83-4
Solvent Yellow 163Anthraquinone13676-91-0C.I. 588403007-84-5
Solvent Yellow 167AnthraquinoneC.I. 5883903007-83-4
Solvent Yellow 176Quinoline10319-14-9C.I. 4702328073-4
Solvent Yellow 179Pyrazolone80748-21-63007-84-5
Solvent Yellow 4GQuinoline2806-75
Solvent Orange 60Aminoketone61969-47-9C.I. 5641003007-84-5
Solvent Orange 63Thiaxanthene16294-75-0C.I. 685503007-84-5
Solvent Orange 105Azo31482-56-1C.I. 112272307
Solvent Orange 107Methenyl185766-20-53007-85-6
Solvent Red 23Azo85-86-9C.I. 261002505-65
Solvent Red 24Diazo85-83-6C.I. 2610526052-3
Solvent Red 27Diazo1320-06-5C.I. 2612526052
Solvent Red 52Anthrapyridone81-39-0C.I. 682103006-74-5
Solvent Red 111Anthraquinone82-38-2C.I. 605052805-63-4
Solvent Red 135Perinone20749-68-2C.I. 5641202807-84-5
Solvent Red 146Anthraquinone70956-30-8C.I. 1252253006-74-5
Solvent Red 149Anthraquinone21295-57-8C.I. 6747003006-74-5
Solvent Red 168Anthraquinone71832-19-4C.I. 605103006-74-5
Solvent Red 179Aminoketone6829-22-7C.I. 56415030064-5
Solvent Red 195Azo30084-5
Solvent Red 196Phenoxanthene52372-36-8C.I. 5057003006-73-4
Solvent Red 197Phenoxanthene52372-39-1C.I. 5057203006-73-4
Solvent Red 207Anthraquinone10114-49-5C.I. 6170013207-83-4
Vat Red 41Thiaxanthene522-75-8C.I. 733003003
Solvent Red H2807
Solvent Violet 13Anthraquinone81-48-1C.I. 607253006-74-5
Solvent Violet 14Anthraquinone129-39-5
Solvent Violet 26Anthraquinone2872-48-2C.I. 620153007-83-4
Solvent Violet 31Anthraquinone70956-27-3C.I. 611023006-74-5
Solvent Violet 36Anthraquinone61951-89-13007-84-5
Solvent Violet 59Anthraquinone6408-72-6C.I. 620253006-74-5
Solvent Blue 35Anthraquinone12769-17-4C.I. 6155426053-4
Solvent Blue 36Anthraquinone14233-37-5C.I. 6155126054
Solvent Blue 45Anthraquinone37229-23-52007-8
Solvent Blue 78Phthalocyanine2475-44-7C.I. 615002605-6
Solvent Blue 97Anthraquinone61969-44-6C.I. 6152903006
Solvent Blue 104Anthraquinone116-75-6C.I. 6156830064-5
Solvent Blue 122Anthraquinone67905-17-3C.I. 607443007-8
Solvent Blue 3RAnthraquinone3008
Solvent Green 3Anthraquinone128-80-3C.I. 615653007-84-5
Solvent Green 5Perylene2744-50-5C.I. 590753005-64-5
Solvent Green 28Anthraquinone28198-05-2C.I. 6255803007-8
Solvent Brown 53Azo64696-98-6C.I. 485257-8
Solvent Black 3Diazo4197-25-5C.I. 261502806-73-4
Solvent Black 5Azine11099-03-9C.I. 504151507-8
Solvent Black 7Azine1900-05-13C.I. 50415:11805
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