Product NameColour Index NameColour Index NumberCAS Number
Yellow RS 100%Direct Yellow 50C.I. 290253214-47-9
Yellow RL 100%Direct Yellow 86C.I. 2932550925-42-3
Yellow R 150%Direct Yellow 11C.I. 400001325-37-7
Yellow PG 100%Direct Yellow 142-71902-08-4
Yellow GL 310%Direct Yellow 147-71838-49-8
Yellow GC 150%Direct Yellow 44C.I. 290008005-52-5
Yellow G 345%Direct Yellow 107-61815-04-1
Yellow FF 200%Direct Yellow 28C.I .195558005-72-9
Yellow ARL 154%Direct Yellow 106C.I. 4030061725-08-4
Yellow 3GF 345%Direct Yellow 132-61968-26-1
Violet MB 150%Direct Violet 9C.I. 278856227-14-1
Violet 2B 100%Direct Violet 51C.I. 279055489-77-0
Sky Blue 5B 100%Direct Blue 15C.I. 244002429-74-5
Scarlet F2G 100%Direct Red 224-12222-48-9
Rubine 3BL 150%Direct Red 83-15418-16-3
Red BWS 100%Direct Red 243C.I. 2931586543-85-3
Red BNL 200%Direct Red 89-12217-67-3
Red 4BL 150%Direct Red 81C.I. 281602610-11-9
Pink Red 12B 100%Direct Red 31C.I. 291005001-72-9
Orange S 175%Direct Orange 26C.I. 291503626-36-6
Orange GR 182%Direct Orange 34C.I. 4023012222-37-6
Orange 2GL 200%Direct Orange 39C.I. 402151325-54-8
Light Rose FR 100%Direct Red 227-12222-51-4
Grey D 100%Direct Black 17C.I. 277002945-96-2
Grey CGLDirect Black 112-12217-52-6
Green BL 155%Direct Green 26C.I. 340456388-26-7
Green BE 100%Direct Green 1C.I. 302803626-28-6
Flavin 7GFF 500%Direct Yellow 96-61725-08-4
Fast Yellow 5GL 100%Direct Yellow 27C.I. 1395010190-68-8
Fast Violet D-5BL 250%Direct Violet 66C.I. 291206798-03-4
Fast Turq. Blue GL 100%Direct Blue 86C.I. 741801330-38-7
Fast Turq. Blue FBL 100%Direct Blue 199C.I. 7419012222-04-7
Fast Sky Blue G 200%Direct Blue 78C.I. 342002503-73-3
Fast Scarlet 4BS 150%Direct Red 23C.I. 291603441-14-3
Fast Red BA 150%Direct Red 80C.I. 357802610-10-8
Fast Red 4BL 170%Direct Red 79C.I. 290651937-34-4
Fast Grey LBN 200%Direct Black 56C.I. 341708003-57-4
Fast Brown GTL 100%Direct Brown 210-12222-29-6
Fast Blue RGL 100%Direct Blue 70C.I. 342056428-58-6
Fast Blue BH 180%Direct Blue 2C.I. 225902429-73-4
Fast Blue B2RL 100%Direct Blue 71C.I. 341404399-55-7
Fast Blue 4BL 200%Direct Blue 200-12217-57-1
Fast Black VSF 600%Direct Black 22C.I. 354356473-13-8
Copper Blue 2R 100%Direct Blue 151C.I. 241756449-35-0
Congo Red 4B 100%Direct Red 28C.I. 22120573-58-0
Chrysophenine G 100%Direct Yellow 12C.I. 248952870-32-8
Brown RL 130%Direct Brown 116-61724-81-0
Brown M 150%Direct Brown 2C.I. 223112429-82-5
Brown BRS 150%Direct Brown 95C.I. 3014516071-86-6
Brown 3G 150%Direct Brown 44C.I. 350056252-62-6
Brill. Blue BL 200%Direct Blue 106C.I. 513006527-70-4
Bordeaux B 100%Direct Red 13C.I. 221551937-35-5
Blue FFRL Direct Blue 108C.I. 513201324-58-9
Blue BRL 200%Direct Blue 201-60800-55-7
Blue 8GLLDirect Blue 218C.I. 2440128407-37-6
Blue 7RLL 200%Direct Blue 80C.I. 2431512222-00-3
Blue 2B 100%Direct Blue 6C.I. 226102602-46-2
Black SB 150%Direct Black 168-85631-88-5
Black OB 200%Direct Black 80C.I. 316008003-69-8
Black G 100%Direct Black 19C.I. 352556428-31-5
Black EX 150%Direct Black 38C.I. 302351937-37-7
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