Product NameColour Index NameColour Index NumberCAS Number
Yellow 2GAcid Yellow 17C.I. 189656359-98-4
Yellow NSAcid Yellow 23C.I. 191401934-21-0
Golden yellow GAcid Yellow 36C.I. 13065587-98-4
Milling yellow N-SHAcid Yellow 42C.I. 229106375-55-9
Yellow NFGAcid Yellow 49C.I. 1864012239-15-5
Yellow 4G 200Acid Yellow 49C.I. 1864012239-15-5
Yellow 3GPAcid Yellow 61C.I. 1896812217-38-8
Yellow 4GAcid Yellow 79-12220-70-1
Yellow GRAcid Yellow 99C.I. 1390010343-58-5
Yellow GNAcid Yellow 117C.I. 248206459-70-7
Yellow 8GFAcid Yellow 184-61968-07-8
Yellow 4RAcid Yellow 199C.I. 1420570865-20-2
Yellow 3RLAcid Yellow 219-71819-57-3
Yellow 3RAcid Orange 3C.I. 103856373-74-6
Orange IIAcid Orange 7C.I. 15510633-96-5
Orange 2GAcid Orange 10C.I. 162301936-15-8
Orange GSAcid Orange 33C.I. 247806507-77-3
Orange GAcid Orange 56C.I. 228956470-20-8
Orange RLAcid Orange 67C.I. 1417212220-06-3
Orange GSNAcid Orange 95-12217-33-3
Orange AGTAcid Orange 116-12220-10-9
Orange3GAcid Orange 156C.I. 2650168555-86-2
Red 2GAcid Red 1C.I. 180503734-67-6
Fast Red BAcid Red 6C.I. 146806245-59-6
Red BAcid Red 14C.I. 147203567-69-9
Scarlet 3RAcid Red 18C.I. 162552611-82-7
Brilliant Red GWAcid Red 27C.I. 16185915-67-3
Red MNAcid Red 37C.I. 170456360-07-2
Red 2BAcid Red 42C.I. 170706245-60-9
Rhodamine B 400Acid Red 52C.I. 451003520-42-1
Red BL 180Acid Red 57C.I. 1705312217-34-4
Brilliant Scarlet GRAcid Red 73C.I. 272905413-75-2
Scarlet RAcid Red 97C.I. 2289010169-02-5
Scarlet 3GLAcid Red 111C.I. 232666358-57-2
Red RSAcid Red 114C.I. 236356459-94-5
Red GWAcid Red 118-12217-35-5
Red 3BNAcid Red 131-12234-99-0
Red BWAcid Red 138C.I. 1807315792-43-5
Red F2RAcid Red 151C.I. 269006406-56-0
Red BBAcid Red 154C.I. 248006507-79-5
Pink BNAcid Red 186C.I. 1881052677-44-8
Brill. Red BG 125Acid Red 249C.I. 181346416-66-6
Rubine NKAcid Red 257-12217-36-6
Fast Red BLAcid Red 260-12239-07-5
Red BM 200Acid Red 266-57741-47-6
Rubine 5BLAcid Red 299-12220-29-0
Red 2RBLAcid Red 336-12239-11-1
Red F2GAcid Red 337-12270-02-9
Fast Red 2BAcid Red 361-61931-22-4
Scarlet FGAcid Red 374C.I. 247856507-78-4
Violet 2RAcid Violet 1C.I. 170256441-91-4
Violet 12Acid Violet 12C.I. 180756625-46-3
Violet 5BNAcid Violet 17C.I. 426504129-84-4
Violet RAcid Violet 43C.I. 607304430-18-6
Violet FBLAcid Violet 48-12220-51-8
Brill. Violet 10BAcid Violet 54-11097-74-8
Brill. Blue FGAcid Blue 9C.I. 420903844-45-9
Blue ASAcid Blue 25C.I. 620556408-78-2
Blue A2GAcid Blue 40C.I. 621256424-85-7
Blue AMAcid Blue 41C.I. 621302666-17-3
Blue E-BLAcid Blue 45C.I. 630102861-02-1
Brilliant sky blue RAcid Blue 62C.I. 620454368-56-3
Brill. Violet RWAcid Blue 80C.I. 615854474-24-2
Brill. Blue 6BAcid Blue 83C.I. 426606104-59-2
Brill. Blue GAcid Blue 90C.I. 426556104-58-1
Navy Blue RAcid Blue 92C.I. 133903861-73-2
Ink Blue GAcid Blue 93C.I. 4278028983-56-4
Brill. Blue PIAcid Blue 104C.I. 427356505-30-2
Navy Blue GAcid Blue 113C.I. 263603351-05-1
Navy Blue GRAcid Blue 120C.I. 264003529-01-9
Milling Blue GWAcid Blue 127:1C.I. 6113312237-86-4
Blue PRL 200Acid Blue 129C.I. 620596397-02-0
Milling Blue 2RWAcid Blue 140-12219-21-5
Blue CD-FGAcid Blue 145C.I. 620706408-80-6
Blue HRLAcid Blue 182-12219-26-0
Blue 8GAcid Blue 185-12234-64-9
Brill. Sky Blue GRLAcid Blue 221-12219-32-8
Blue 2RAcid Blue 225-12216-97-6
Blue NGL 150Acid Blue 230-12219-37-3
Brill. Blue RLAcid Blue 260-62168-86-9
Blue AFNAcid Blue 264-39315-90-7
Blue 4RLAcid Blue 277C.I. 6120325797-81-3
Blue 284Acid Blue 284-61814-66-2
Blue BGL 200Acid Blue 324-88264-80-6
Blue BLNAcid Blue 350-138067-74-0
Dark Green BAcid Green 20C.I. 204955850-39-5
Green GSAcid Green 25C.I. 615704403-90-1
Green GLWAcid Green 27C.I. 615806408-57-7
Green 5GWAcid Green 28-12217-29-7
Fast Brown RAcid Brown 2C.I. 176053626-41-3
Brown RAcid Brown 4C.I. 148055858-51-5
Brown DAcid Brown 14C.I. 201955850-16-8
Brown 2RAcid Brown 75C.I. 349058011-86-7
Brown MFRAcid Brown 97-61901-18-6
Brown 163Acid Brown 163-61901-22-2
Brown NTAcid Brown 165-61724-14-9
Brown SRAcid Brown 348-72827-72-6
Brown SGAcid Brown 349-72827-73-7
NigrosineAcid Black 2C.I. 504208005-03-6
Black BRAcid Black 24C.I. 263703071-73-6
Black NBAcid Black 26C.I. 270706262-07-3
Fast black M-BAcid Black 29-12217-14-0
Black NTAcid Black 210-99576-15-5
1:1 Metal Complex Dyes
Orange K-GAcid Orange 74C.I. 1874510127-27-2
Blue K-GAcid Blue 158C.I. 148806370-08-7
Black K-AAcid Black 52C.I. 157115610-64-0
1:2 Metal Complex Dyes
Yellow 2GL Acid Yellow 59C.I. 1869012220-52-9
Yellow GLAcid Yellow 128-51053-43-1
Yellow LNWAcid Yellow 151-12715-61-6
Yellow 5GLAcid Yellow 158:1--
Yellow M3RLAcid Yellow 194-61814-52-6
Orange 2RAcid Orange 154-133556-24-8
Red 2GlAcid Red 211-12239-05-3
Bordeaux GRLAcid Red 213-12715-60-5
Red M-SGAcid Red 315-12220-47-2
Red S-GNAcid Red 359-61814-65-1
Red M-LNAcid Red 362-61814-58-2
Bordeaux M-BAcid Violet 90-61916-41-4
Navy Blue M-DLAcid Blue 193-61916-42-5
Navy Blue S2BAcid Blue 284-61814-66-2
Brown M-BRAcid Brown 21-61724-04-7
Dark brown SGRAcid Brown 282-12219-65-7
Brown S-RAcid Brown 283-12219-66-8
Brown S-BLAcid Brown 289-12219-72-6
Brown M-BLAcid Brown 355-60181-77-3
Grey M-BLNAcid Black 60C.I. 1816512218-95-0
Black RBAcid Black 63C.I. 1219532517-36-5
Black M-BGLAcid Black 107-12218-96-1
Black M-BLAcid Black 168-12238-87-8
Black M-LDAcid Black 172-61847-77-6
Black M-SLAcid Black 194-61931-02-0
Navy Blue S2BAcid Black 207-84145-95-9
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