Keratin Blow-out

‧Imparts hair smoothness
‧volume control
‧Frizz reduction
‧Restores shine

Perfetti Keratin Hair Blow-out is a powerful synergy of the unique oxoacetamides, carbocysteine and keratin amino acids.

Perfetti Keratin Hair Blow-out is compatible with all the hair treatments so it can be applied on hair that would be already straightened, colored and/or bleached.

In contrast to conventional caustic hair relaxer, the professional system allows a temporary change of hair structure without weighing hair down. The product is free of foul smelling after-perm odour.

1. Wash hair and blow to 100% dry.
2. Apply Perfetti Keratin Hair Blow-out to hair by 1/2" thick sections. Comb through every section until hair is completely saturated. Use cling wrap to cover the hair.
3. Using a flat iron, start from the nape, slowly move the iron from roots to ends 5 - 7 times infusing the keratin treatment into hair shaft,
4. To achieve maximum effect, wash hair 3 days after hair was completely ironed.