Airlite was born from an idea, to replicate what already happens in nature in total perfection and autonomy.
Just like a leaf, simple and flawless! After 10 years of research it has become a product: a 100% natural paint that purifies the air.

ArtecMed applies its nanotechnology to improve the quality of human life, providing expertise and products in scientific analysis, antibacterial, indoor air quality improvement and UV protection. ArtecMed strives to bring everyone a safer and healthier life with technology.

Over 40 years ago, Balmain Hair (part of the Paris’ Fashion House Pierre Balmain) set out a mission: to source, select and process the best hair in the world.

Crux means “the core”, an essence and the crucial element for hair stylists. We understand and offer what a hair stylist needs, since we are, too.

De Lorenzo was established in 1987 by Vincent and Anton de Lorenzo, two of Australia’s most influential hairdressing identities since 1945. 

Embelleze is a 100% Brazilian Hair Care Company that understands women and creates the best beauty solutions for women from all ethnicities with different life styles and different beauty needs.

The new and innovative Perfetti professional hair care products infused with cold extracted herbal and vinegar extracts to give your hair a healthy balance. 

Simplicity, sustainability and quality. REF believes in Natural Beauty. We celebrate diversity. We embrace Natural Beauty driven by Swedish standards that are accessible for anyone, anywhere.