Artec Chemical Group
With headquarters in Hong Kong, there are 19 subsidiary companies under Artec Chemical Group. Artec was originally established more than 30 years ago in plastics and rubber industry. Cosmetics chemicals and then cosmetics finished products production were added over the years. In 2009, our new factory in Xiamen, China was granted ISO 9001:2008 and GMPC certificates for Europe and USA.

About Artec Chemical
Artec Chemical Company Limited is a member of Artec Chemical Group. There are four divisions in the company:

  1. Raw materials
    Cosmetics chemicals, dyes and pigments, pharmaceutical ingredients, nanocatalysts, and a very wide range of organic chemicals. Chemicals are sold in more than 80 countries.
  1. Packaging materials
    Supply aluminum tubes, glass bottles, hair color charts, plastics gloves, spray bottles, etc.
  1. Contract – manufacturing of cosmetics products
    Manufacture a full range of personal care products, especially strong with hair care products. Also provide technical advice regarding formulations work. Products are exported to more than 60 countries.
  1. Global distribution of hair care products
    Distribute international brands of hair care to overseas market, with a focus in Asia, especially in Greater China Region.

Artec Nano Materials
Artec Chemical Group started to engage in the business of nanotechnology and environmental technology since year 2005. Artenano Company Limited is a subsidiary company of our group focuses on the development of silver technology, nanocatalysts, nanocatalytic air filters for in-vehicle and domestic use. Artenano is a graduate of the technology incubatee program of Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. The company has been interviewed by newspapers and magazines based on its contribution to the development of local technologies through collaboration and sponsorship of several research projects developed in universities.

Why Nano?
When the particle size of a compound changes from large to small, the physical and chemical properties of the compound are changed. Its color, strength, conductivity, thermal property or activity may be changed that the compound can be used in new application area.

Artec Personal Care
We offer OEM and ODM service to our customers around the world.

Hair Care Products

  1. Hair Care
    Shampoo, conditioner, self warming hair mask, hair varnish shine spray, hair varnish smoothing serum, hair varnish fluid gel, hair cuticle coat, hair color sealant, argan oil and mac oil.
  1. Hair Bleaching
    Available in different bleaching powder formulations, bleaching and coloring, bleaching cream.
  1. Hair Coloring
    Professional hair color cream (> 150 colors, normal or lower ammonia), crystal color gel, hair coloring kits, bubble hair color, hair color mousse, hair color spa, hair color powder, thermochromic hair color, hair color remover etc.
  1. Hair Styling
    Hair fixatives, hair aerosol spray, hair aerosol mousse, permanent wave lotion, hair straightening cream, hair styling powder and hair wax.

Skin Care Products

  1. Skin Care
    Toner, Essence, moisturizing gel, hand lotion, body lotion, facial cream, pore refining cream, anti-wrinkle cream and skin hair bleaching cream.
  1. Skin Cleaning
    Bath gel, bath fizzer, soap and bath set.
  1. Facial Mask
    Eye mask, mask powder (alga-based hydro-balancing, alga-based Hydro-whitening), paper mask (vitamin C whitening, collagen tightening, red wine rejuvenating, rose, rejuvenating, aloe vera hypo-allergic, spa minerals revitalizing, oil balancing, milk nourishing and green tea extract).

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