The Balmainize Masters Session


The current trend of the Parisian art exchange day has been completed. The event invites Balmain haircouture’s global chief hair education director, M.Helen Rosser, to guide Hong Kong’s local hair stylist about the latest aesthetic design for a variety of wig-style products such as care, styling, and hair styling. Balmain haircouture has benefited the local hair stylist by sharing their skills and experience, so that the Hong Kong hair stylist has a new insight into the hair styling techniques. In addition to the activities of the hair stylist to recognize the Balmain haircouture brand’s deep history, but also created this time so that the hair of the friends have the opportunity to communicate with each other, to promote the local hair industry on the French trend of hair more attention. It is hoped that the event will give the Hong Kong hair stylist an unforgettable experience.


今次的巴黎潮流髮藝交流日活動經已完滿地結束。是次活動邀請了Balmain haircouture的全球首席美髮教育總監-Ms.Helen Rosser指導香港本地的髮型師關於最新的洗護、造型、駁髮等多種假髮造型產品的美學設計方案。Balmain haircouture透過分享他們的技術和經驗,讓本地髮型師獲益良多,藉此令香港髮型師對美髮技巧有新的領悟。這次活動除了令各髮型師認識到Balmain haircouture品牌的深厚歷史之外,也造就了今次讓各髮型界的朋友有互相交流的機會,推動了本地髮型界對法國潮流美髮的更多關注。希望這次活動的舉辦能帶給香港髮型師有一個難忘的體驗。