Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong 2018


This year’s Cosmoprof Asia has been satisfactorily successful and also attracted exhibitors from all over the world. Attendees joined the 3-day exhibition to explore prime business potential, negotiate new working connections and get updated market information whilst taking in the global perspective on emerging trends. The event Artec Chemical Company Limited exhibited Perfetti, REF Stockholm Sweden, De Lorenzo, and innovative hair product. The exhibition promoted the exchange and development of the beauty industry and greatly enhanced the company’s competitiveness and is looking forward to seeing you again at the Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong next year.

今年的亞太區美客展取得了令人矚目的成功,同時也吸引了來自世界各地的參展商參展。為期3天的展覽探討市場的商業潛力,與客戶建立新的合作關係,獲取最新的市場信息,同時了解全球美容行業的新興趨勢。 Artec化學有限公司展出了Perfetti,REF Stockholm Sweden,De Lorenzo和創新發製品。 此次展覽促進了美容行業的交流與發展,極大地提升了公司的競爭力,期待2019年香港亞太區美容展與你再會。